Design/Build Team

Industrial Construction Breck Construction Company, Inc. has been partnering with design firms for over 30 years.

The Design Build process utilizes a Design Build team, made up of the builder and design firm, and this team manages and performs both design and construction under one contract. The team is totally responsible for the completed project, ensuring that budgets, schedules and quality are met.

Just by the nature of placing full responsibility on a team working together, the Design Build method will always produce the highest value for a competitive cost

The following are just a few of the benefits of our Design Build process:

  • Total project time is reduced since design and construction are overlapped.
  • One single contract responsible for all design and construction gives the owner the opportunity to focus on project scope, performance requirements and his own daily operations rather than coordinating between the builder and designer.
  • Our team has full responsibility for the adherence to the program of work, therefore there is tremendous incentive to assure the highest quality for design, material and labor at a competitive price.
  • Team communication equals a more efficient process.
The end result is a design and construction team committed and working together to ensure that the finished product meets or exceeds all of the owner's expectations.

John Schween is the contact for the Design/Build work and may be reached at